Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Paisley patterns

 My CPU was not working.It has been sent for servicing for months now and still no sign of it being repaired.My son had been pestering me to buy a tab for some time and since the PC is not working, I had to to give in.After typing on a keyboard all these years ,I find it difficult to tap or swipe on a tab but I’m not giving up.This is my first attempt at posting on blogger on a tab.
I know that most of you adore paisley patterns.So today I would like to share with you some Paisley patterns:

This pattern is from my mother’s saree. 

This is another pattern from the same saree. 

This is a handkerchief motif. 

And finally a pattern from my kurti  (Indian dress).


  1. Hi there, I would like to know if u could tell me where to find the needle for wholesale price. I wanted to buy and want it to be deliver to malaysia. Anyway, I am so proud with your embroidery work, congratulations.

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying.Thanks for the compliment.The best place is to search online, see if you could find what you're looking for there.