Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mirror work 3

This week’s TAST challenge is detached chain/lazy daisy stitch.Today I,m going to try to create a mirror/shisha work out of this stitch.

This mirrorwork is my own creation.You are not allowed to copy the tutorial and produce it as your own whether on print or electronic media, on your blog or youtube channels.You are allowed to show the finished work but please link back to this page for the tutorial.

Draw a 2.5cm diameter circle.Fix a mirror(1.25cm diameter) in the middle of the circle as shown and bring out the needle.

Bring the thread over and under the foundation stitches and take a stitch from the starting point.Wrap the thread under the needle.This is the detached chain/lazy daisy part.

Pull the thread (when pulling, use the same tension all around to get beautiful, rounded center) and insert it back into the fabric to hold the loop.

One detached chain stitch made.

Come up near the first stitch.

Continue as above.

This is the completed mirror work.

Here I’d worked the stitches slightly apart and the tips, pointed.As you can see, I didn’t use a mirror.Instead, I drew a small circle and worked as the instructions given above.

Decorate the center with beads, sequins etc.


  1. Very pretty!I think with variegated thread this will look good.

  2. Ficou maravilhoso seu sisha mirror...parabéns

  3. Both daisies are very pretty. A good tutorial and thanks for sharing.

  4. How clever! Thank you for the tutorial. I'll try it!

  5. Now this is very clever - congratulations on a terrific job

  6. Wow, thank you so much for this tutorial. I love your creations.

  7. love seeing how you do the shisha work and you've used the detached chain stitch beautifully here~!!~


    p.s. i've created a link from my TAST post to your nice work.

  8. This is really clever and so effective. Well done.

  9. Very pretty. Congratulations on being featured

  10. Very beautiful way of fixing a mirror with an easy stitch. Thanks for sharing.

  11. wonderful shisha work with daisy stitch! do without mirror is another innovative idea..congrats!