Saturday, May 21, 2011

Buttonhole-knot rose

Today, I'm going to teach you on how to embroider a beautiful buttonhole-knot rose.Firstly, make a 3-wrap french knot.Encircle this french knot with 4 small loops.The loops shouldn't be too tight or too loose.If you like, you can make a small stitch at the end of each loop.This is to prevent one loop from pulling another when the buttonhole knots are made.

Make buttonhole knots to fill each loop.

For the next round of petals, sew bigger loops.

This is how the rose will look like.

This is my attempt to make a bigger rose.Here, instead of one, I've used 2 strands of thread for each loop, to get bigger petals.

Isn't this rose a beauty?You can try to make a bigger one, if you like.
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Frilled buttonhole flowers

I've made a few flowers and a leaf using frilled buttonhole stitch method.The tutorial for frilled buttonhole stitch is given here.I would like to explain on how I've made the flowers.Flowers A,B,E and F were made using Anchor Pearl Cotton no:8 thread.For the rest, I've used the six-strand embroidery floss.For flowers A and B, the buttonhole knots were made at the tip of the petals.

For flowers D and E, after step 3, bring the needle into the fabric and come up at A.Pull through.The knots were made from the base to the tip, cover the whole tip and down at the other side till you reach back to the base.

The petals for flowers F and G were made continuously.After you've finished all the petals, then only make the knots, again continuously till the end.After that, stitch the second layer and third.When made with pearl cotton thread, it will give a lace-like effect.Six-strand thread gives crochet-like flowers.When stitching the rose, make sure the base is very close to each other and allow some distance at the tip to form the knots.

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Frilled buttonhole stitch

I don't know whether this stitch already exists, but I got the idea for this stitch from Sharon's Kiko's flower stitch.In Kiko's stitch, you're required to make bullion stitch at the top of each petal.I tried this, but it didn't turn out well.I even tried changing the bullion stitch to single cast-on stitch Still, I didn't like the result.Lastly, I tried making loops/ buttonhole knots at the tip of each petal, and I really, really liked it.It gives the flower, a 3-D effect.Please follow these instructions to make frilled buttonhole stitch:

Bring out the needle at A.Pull through.Go back into A and come out at B.Don't pull through.Wrap the thread under the needle as shown, then only, pull through.

Go back into A and come out at a point close to B.Wrap the thread under the needle and pull through.

Continue till you've filled the whole petal.This is actually the buttonhole/blanket stitch petal.

Insert the needle under the thread at the tip of the petal and make a loop/knot.

One loop made.

Continue making the loops.

One petal made.

Continue making the other petals the same way.

I've made a few flowers using this method.You can view them here.

Double cast-on rosebud

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To make this double cast-on rosebud, I've used the six-strand embroidery floss.The tutorial for double cast-on stitch is given here.For this rosebud, you'll have to make 3 double cast-on petals.The tips of these petals should meet at the same point, D.The bases of the petals on the left and right are on the same level (points A and B).The base of the petal in the center (point C), should be made either above or below this level.Please follow these instructions:

  1. Firstly make petal AD, and then BD (I needed 10 loops for each petal).
  2. Make petal CD (also 10 loops).
  3. As you can see, a small space will be formed between 2 petals.From point E, make 2 double cast-on stitches to those spaces (I needed 5 loops each).
  4. Without cutting off the thread, make a small straight stitch at the base of the calyx, for the stem.
  5. Make one straight stitch each at both sides of the calyx (see picture).