Thursday, December 22, 2011

Side-view carnation

Please follow these instructions to embroider a carnation, seen from the side.The thread used is pearl cotton no:8.

Embroider a serrated-edged (zig-zag) buttonhole/blanket stitch petal as shown.

Work 2 more layers of zig-zag stitches (total 3 layers).

With 2 strands of thread, work buttonhole knots on the 3 layers.

Gather the buttonhole/blanket stitch petal and embroider satin stitch, done from top to bottom to form a calyx.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Buttonhole-knot carnation

Everytime I tried to embroider a carnation, it would end up looking like a rose.So, after a few trials and errors, I came up with the method shown below.

In a circle, draw a spiralling line from the center to the top.Work zig-zag/serrated stitches on the line.

Fill the stitches with buttonhole knots starting from the center to the top.This is how the flower looks like.Since this is done with the 6-strand thread, the petals look too thick for a carnation.Satisfied with this method, I proceeded to try this with pearl cotton no:8 thread.

This is the result.The circle is 2.5cm in diameter.2 strands were used for the buttonhole knots.The spiral line should be made closer compared to the one using the 6-strand thread (more layers).For easy stitching, push down the petals done in the previous line so that the zig-zag stitches could be seen.
In my next post, I will show you how to embroider a carnation, seen from the side.