Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mirror work 1 (fly stitch petals)

 1.Fix the mirror onto the fabric with basic stitches (the tutorial is given here). Make a template of a petal and use this to draw petals around the mirror.

2.Make a small straight stitch at the tip of one of the petals.

 3.Bring the needle up at the point shown in the picture.Pull through.

4.Go in on the right and bring the needle up at the middle line, where you've made the straight stitch.

5.With the thread wrapped under the needle, pull through..Make a small stitch as shown.

6.The first fly stitch made.

7.The second fly stitch.

8.Continue till the petal has been filled up and proceed with the other petals.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Mirror work (basic)

The mirror that I've shown here is 1.5cm in diameter.If you don't have mirrors, fill a circle with gold or silver fabric paint and when it is dry, follow the instructions given below.You can even fill it with sequins, beads or french knots.These are the basic stitches for mirror work:

1.Make 4 straight stitches on the mirror as shown here.

2.Make 4 diagonal stitches as shown.

3.Bring the needle up at any point close to the mirror.Pull through.

4.Go over and come under the basic stitches and with the thread wrapped under the needle, pull through.

5.As you pull the thread, go down the fabric at the position shown and bring the needle up at a point close to it.

6.With the thread wrapped under the needle, pull through.

7.Repeat step 4.

8.Repeat steps 5 & 6.In this picture, I've shown the position where the needle should go in before coming out at a point close to it (click on the picture to enlarge it).Ignore the loop you see on top because here, I haven't completely pulled the thread after step 4.

9.This is how it should look like in the end.